Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace
Editor: Maxine Hong Kingston
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Koa Books is proud to announce the October 2006 publication of Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace, a harvest of creative, redemptive storytelling—nonfiction, fiction, and poetry—spanning five wars and written by those most profoundly affected by it.

Maxine Hong KingstonFor more than twelve years, National Book Award-winning author Maxine Hong Kingston has led writing-and-meditation workshops for veterans and their families. The contributors to this volume—combat veterans, medics, and others who served in war; gang members, drug users, and victims of domestic violence; draft resisters, deserters, and peace activists—are part of this community of writers working together to heal the trauma of war through art.

Reading their words, we witness worlds torn apart then rebuilt. This epic and timely work is the distilled wisdom of warriors and their loved ones, expressing themselves with breathtaking artistry and truth.

Maxine Hong Kingston’s books—The Woman Warrior, China Men, Tripmaster Monkey, The Fifth Book of Peace, and others—have won critical praise and national awards. President Bill Clinton presented her with a National Humanities Medal in 1997.

To coincide with the release of Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace, Ms. Kingston and the book’s other contributors will take part in readings, signings, and media interviews.

For more information about Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace and the writers in this book, including their Schedule of Readings and Book Signings, please visit

Veterans Writing Group, Sebastopol, California, March 2006
Veterans Writing Group,
Sebastopol, California, March 2006
Praise for The Fifth Book of Peace,
which is dedicated to veterans of war, veterans of peace
"A glowing result of a brave experiment"
"Powerful and finely written"
“An amazing testament to the existence of peace, even in the midst of war. This book is a communal effort, beautifully orchestrated by Hong Kingston and pieced together with open eyes.”
—Rocky Mountain News
“She has gathered a community of the lost, the disempowered, the people who never get to write alternative histories, and gifted them the fierce power of her voice.”
—San Diego Union-Tribune
“These hard stories of war pose the questions: What pain will our soldiers in Iraq bring home? And how will we heal them?”
—Chicago Sun-Times
“The world—and not just the world of literature—owes Maxine Hong Kingston a huge debt of gratitude.”
—Washington Post Book World